Finally Found Someone Movie Review

I’d be willing to say that I’m not really a fan of romantic comedies especially local ones but I do watch them. This Star Cinema and Viva Films offering however, is something different from the run of the mill material.

Finally Found Someone (FFS… hmmm nah we’ll stick to the full title XD) follows the story of Aprilyn (Sarah Geronimo) and Raffy (John Lloyd Cruz), two individuals that have an unhealthy obsession over love and truth for Aprilyn, and over his work and career for Raffy.

These constantly define the decisions that they make during the course of the film and made for some very interesting turns as the movie progressed.

The setting is completely modern with technology playing a vital role in both communication and the lives of both parties. Hats off to Oppo for this great partnership that they’ve established with the young actress. Modern day romance is definitely fast and this sense has been portrayed over into the silver screen with impeccable accuracy.

Beyond the formula and the script however, and what I feel most differentiated Finally Found Someone from its peers, are the actors and the direction for this particular film. Throughout the story, Sarah Geronimo is seen a little bit changed from most of her previous roles – no longer is she the awkward quirky girl… here she is presented to be beautiful on purpose. All throughout, her styling is towards that ideal and all the shots with her in it portray her to be so… even if she were crying – that much.

And its not only her, John Lloyd Cruz felt revitalized as well, both main characters were unnaturally a step up from their usual visage.

Something I believe that can be attributed as well to the direction of Mr Theodore Boborol – a resounding success for his third full length film.

There is not a line on the script that stuck to my head with a bit of permanence, but that doesn’t mean that its lacking any notable quotes. It even had signature dance moves, something that fans had come to expect from the pair.

The overall feel of realism is further defined by the directors choice to keep, what we believe to be, adlibs between Sarah and John Lloyd. The chemistry between these two is nothing short of contagious.

So much so that, even if we were seated right next to the most reactive fans of the #AshLloyd pairing – they’re easily elated with every anticipatory scene, they shriek and make commentary, the movie maintained itself to be enjoyable.

Finally Found Someone is a fresh take on the modern boy meets girl love story with various facets of harsh realities mixed in just the appropriate and balanced amount. Not only is it a must watch, it’s highly recommended for a second screening as well. A big thanks goes out to Oppo Philippines for their successful advance screening of this blockbuster hit that’s just waiting to happen. Gadgetshelf rating is excellent!


MSI Dragon Army Promotion 2017

Yesterday (July 21), in a very intimate gathering at a conference room at the Malayan Plaza, MSI displayed 5 of their 2017 third quarter offerings to the Philippine market.

With an upcoming official launch that will coincide with the TI7 “Pubstomp”, these VR ready devices have within them all the latest generation Intel Cores and a slew of components all geared towards the betterment of the gaming experience for its users.

Some of their key innovations include a per-key RGB lighting setup as seen in the to-be-launched GE63/GE73 whose full specs we’ll get to see in a couple of weeks. For now, here’s Kang Dupet with the GE63

MSI further sweetened the deal for joining the Dragon Army at this time, specifically from today – July 22 until September 3 giving all purchasers, of units coming from official distribution channels, a chance to go to the 2017 Tokyo Game Show with free flights and accommodations for two days and an exclusive invite to the MSI booth at the festival slated for Sept 22-24. 2nd and 3rd prizes for this raffle nets the winners laptops namely the GT72 2QE-1048PM Dominator Pro (SRP 195,995) and the GS60 2QE-249PH Ghost Pro (SRP 99,995) with the 4th prize getting a couple of Siberia 650 Headsets (SRP 8,500) and a ton of consolation prizes – medium Dragon Dolls, Neck Pillows and BTS Bundles.

Raffle entries per series are as follows:
GT Model – 5 entries
GS Model – 4 entries
GE Model – 3 entries
GP Model – 2 entries
GL Model – 1 entry
Register into the raffle on this link:

A livestream on September 7 will be held at MSI’s official facebook page where all the lucky winners will be announced. Full PR for this promotion after the jump.

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ASUS 10th Anniversary Celebrated with 10 Releases

At an event held at the newly minted Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan, Asus heralded their 10th anniversary with 10 computing devices for all market segments.

The celebration was headed by none other than Asus Philippines Country Manager Mr. George Su where with the help of his colleagues, each of the new, now available, products had been presented.

It includes my personal favorite – the AsusPRO B9440

Asus had also given out awards for all of their IT partners for all the help and support throughout.

It was a night of exuberance for ASUS and what lies ahead for the company and the consumers future. More information on the launched products after the jump.

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Limited Edition Oppo F3 SarahG Pack LIVE

From the 14th of July to the 24th, a limited edition of the acclaimed Oppo F3 Black has been made available to the public here.

Carrying the artist and endorser’s signature at the back, this version of the phone is a definite must-buy for fans of the multi-talented idol. It’s only available through Lazada and retails for Php 15,990. More information after the jump.

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Nadine and Sony Philippines Partnership Reforged

13 July 2017 – At Seda Vertis North in Quezon City, esteemed 23-year old actress Nadine Lustre, together with Sony Philippines Managing Director Mr. Noboyushi Otake, sealed their partnership commitment anew.

Nadine had graced the presence of the group sporting headphones and a camera which represents the two product lines that she will be representing for the brand – digital imaging and personal audio. Nadine embodies the creative and fun loving youth of today’s generation. Her dynamic personality and innate love for music and photography strongly resonates with Sony’s target market here in the country.

Sony’s 2017 Extra Bass product lineup includes the

MDR-XB550AP Php 2,999
MDR-XB950N1 Php 12,999
Headphone units that bring beats with punchy bass, wired, wireless, and noice cancellation options as well as the

SRS-XB10 Php 2,999
SRS-XB30 Php 6,999
Stylish bluetooth speaker units that liven up any atmosphere with its very color, integrated lights, party linking, and even as an alternative source of power when necessary.

Nadine’s photographic inclination comes supported by the Sony ILCE-5100L. Coming in at black and white colorways and retailing for Php 34,999, the system opens up an entire world of imaging possibilities with a vast selection of lenses, ease of use and composition with the touch enabled and articulated screen, as well as wireless connectivity that allows the user to snap and share instantaneously.


Spider-Man Homecoming Almost Spoiler-Free Review

Spider-Man Homecoming is the sixth Spider-Man film with it’s third portrayal and is the only one connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) currently on track towards the Infinity War.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the youngest appearance of our friendly neighborhood web slinger at 15 years old and shows him with a much more childish disposition.

The film is also not an origin story but a continuation of his cameo in Civil War and foregoes the Uncle Ben narrative. It also represents Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) as a younger guardian figure which lends it’s character greatly to the youthfulness of the franchise.

The Vulture was the antagonist this time around and Micheal Keaton was perfect taking on the mantle of the super villain.

Technology plays a huge part in the story moving forward from the New York devastation that started in the first Avengers movie. Modified Alien Tech and Stark Tech clashes once more as Spider-Man’s suit, the one that is made known to the public, comes from Iron Man from the get-go. The only thing that Peter Parker developed in the MCU is the web fluid as well as the basic version of the shooters and goggles which tone down his sense of vision.

What’s different with this movie is that the viewer would merit from having watched the earlier titles in the MCU. There’s more than enough references made that would confuse fans that would watch Spider-Man on its own. The progression is paced nicely and the inclusion of secondary characters that had not existed previously within the comics take Spider-Man Homecoming that much farther from a mere adaptation. This includes, and this is the only spoiler I’ll put in here, Spider-Man’s “suit lady” who was eventually named Karen that has much more character and depth than Iron Man’s Friday (the one that was loaded after Jarvis).

And as far as movies go, Spider-Man Homecoming is a solid “coming of age” tale for the staple Marvel super hero but it’s more of a set-up rather than getting to know more about the character. It comes off as a bridge in a continuing series, which is really what it’s supposed to be, and is a recommended watch if only to get to know the new characters in Spider-Man’s “new” life. I give it a solid 4.5 out of 5, a definitive must-see.

P.S. there are two end credits which is very Spider-Man like at the end so stay glued to your seats!

A big thank you to Oppo Philippines for taking us on the 4DX Movie Experience for Spider-Man Homecoming #OPPOxSpiderman #selfieexpert and for hooking us up with sick official Marvel merchandise ^^

Asus Zenfone AR Pre-Order Now LIVE

For 10 days starting from today – July 6, the highly anticipated Zenfone AR is already up for pre-order here.

In case you were wondering what the Zenfone AR is, it’s the crème de la crème of Asus Zenfone 3 generation. It sports the following boosted up specifications:

64-bit Qualcomm® Quad-Core Processor Snapdragon™ 821 @2.35GHz, optimized for Tango
Adreno™ 530
23MP Sony IMX318 27mm equiv. 6P OIS+EIS 4K f2.0 (rear) / 8MP OV8856 f2.0 (front)
256GB ROM / 8GB RAM configuration
WQHD 2560×1440 SuperAMOLED Gorilla Glass 4
Hybrid Dual SIM
3300mAh Battery with Quick Charge 3.0 USB-C
Android 7.0 Nougat with ASUS ZenUI 3.0
Price: Php44,995

It’s local launch was celebrated with Asus Philippines first ever 48hr Hackathon that awarded the best team with a Php 100,000 prize money as well as a 5 day immersion in Asus HQ in Taiwan, more on this after the jump.

So if you’re interested in the world’s forst Daydream and Tango enabled smartphone, here’s your chance to get it ahead of everyone else! You’d get plenty of free items along with it too: a ZenPower Ultra, an exclusive case, its very own tempered glass, and the VR cardboard ^^

PR after the jump

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Philips Lighting Eyecomfort Advocacy

The evening of July 5, at the Discovery Primea, Philips Lighting launched their Eyecomfort campaign with three ambassadors for lighting design and utility.

Using three vignettes of interior spaces, Philips showcased a complete lineup of lighting solutions that had innovative technology within the lamps themselves. What can be found used in different scenarios were LED SceneSwitch bulbs – that change color when turned off and on again, as well as Step-dimmable Hadron and Meson Downlights – these change intensity (between two or three levels) when turned off and on again.

There were also Deco Classic lights which use a pseudo filament as the source of illumination bringing the bulbs to a level of aesthetic one would love to show off.

These special lights are of course among general lighting solutions and even recessed/concealed lighting components in the form of the Cavanal LED Ceiling Lamp, LED Batten Cove Lights, LED Tape, and Gen 7 bulbs.

Paulo Alcazaren, celebrated landscape architect and designer, had insights on the importance of lighting in the development of space. In his particular vignette, which was the living room, general lighting as well as dimmable solutions and mood lights came into focus.

Mommy blogger and social media influencer Kelly Misa-Fernandez had a few things to share with regards to the importance of developing moods within the kitchen and dining setting. Dimming lights as well as the Deco Classic line made the space feel different with every setting

Make-up artist to the stars Jigs Mayuga, talked about the importance of color temperature within the bedroom especially important and flattering to the women and their facial features. The Gen 7 lamps and sceneswitch models took center stage this time around.

It was a literally “enlightening” evening that displayed current generation solutions brought about by Philips Lighting into the modern household. With every new innovation that they put out, the focus on the consumers and their well being stand out, this is truly what makes Philips Lighting a global leader in the field of illumination.


The Logitech MeetUp – Video Collaborations Made Easy

At a 3 by 6 meter conference room at Net Cube, around 10 people were gathered to see how the new conference camera solution by Logitech, the MeetUp, works. This was done in a multi-country teleconference that totaled to about 50 people all seeing each other, each location utilizing a MeetUp of their own.

In our video collaboration, introductions came by the Singapore stream in which it was said that: The dream in the past was that there should be a VC on every table. Now it is enabling video for all meeting rooms.

Video collaboration is always going to be better than just voice and/or email. Logitech’s solution is inexpensive as opposed to meeting face to face over several countries.
The MeetUp has great value proposition with its cost compared to what it can do. Logitech’s disruption of the VC industry space is because of their price so much so that their biggest competition is actually the travel industry.

The Logitech MeetUp comes with a squarish remote control and its a treat to use with very big buttons, clearly labeled and with very recognizable functions, and you don’t need to point it towards the device to activate it. Something unique about the remote is a couple of buttons for camera state presets, so you could record the orientation and zoom level of the camera.

MeetUps field of view (FOV) is huge, practically 10 inches from the MeetUp and you’ll be fully visible on its lens. In our meeting, everyone in the room could be heard on the conference, and through the magic of the MeetUp’s acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) technology it all happens without feedback at any volume level.

With cloud services, such as Skype, Zoom, Bluejeans, Vidyo, and the like overtaking traditional VC Systems. Companies do not need to buy expensive VC solutions anymore.
MeetUp was developed with key considerations on its affordability, minimal support requirement, low maintenance cost, and ease of use – as plug and play as possible. The huddle room challenges that the MeetUp addresses are narrow FOVs, center of table audio whose mic’s are shrouded by laptops, and traditional VC systems having too many components cluttering up the meeting space.

MeetUp has one of the widest field of views, at 120-degrees, in the market, and it increases to 175-degrees with the device’s mechanical panning. It has 5x HD zoom. As listed earlier, its 3 beamforming microphones has a 2.4m optimal pickup that becomes 4.2m with the optional mic. The MeetUp’s speaker is finely tuned for a small meeting room such as the one we stayed in. The MeetUp has ports at the back for one USB cable (TypeC) and power.

The MeetUp can be mounted on the wall, over the TV through a VESA mount and on the shelf. It’s bluetooth is specifically integrated for audio devices only as video cannot be transferred smoothly over BT at the moment. It will also have a mobile app that enables control for all Logitech conference cams and that comes out late July this 2017.

The MeetUp will cost Php 56,500 with the optional mic for Php 13,500, available from corporate resellers such as WSI and Innovista.

VC Portfolio for Logitech includes the C930 / Brio (Personal) , ConferenceCam Connect (Portable), BCC950 (1-4pax Meeting Rooms), MeetUp, MeetUp Expansion Mic (Huddle Rooms), Group, Group Expansion Mic (Conference Rooms).

Gadgetshelf rating is excellent!

The Brown & Proud Movement

2017 June 21 – At the Green Sun in Pasong Tamo, a movement has started to break ground. The Brown & Proud (B&P) Movement is something that you probably have already seen in your social feeds this past few weeks.

Finally unveiled yesterday, the B&P movement is a device driven hybrid business model that is fully feature packed. Joining the movement is as easy as 1-2-3: (1) Register online, preferably with a referral. (2) Pay for the brown device. And (3) wait for the “tool” to be delivered right on your doorstep.

The initial offering is called the “brown 1” it comes with the following specifications:
4.7″ HD IPS Display, Dual SIM, Quad-Core Processor, 4G LTE, Android Nougat, 16GB/2GB, 13MP/8MP, expandable with microSD, fingerprint sensor, with OTG support and a thickness of only 5.8mm. Premium build quality for just a few pesos shy of Php 10,000.

Brown 2, a higher end model with a higher cost, is going to be made available in August as well as a tablet called the Brown Tab 1.

This tool comes pre-installed with “Agila Brown” which is a lockscreen app that displays curated content for the members of the B&P community. Inspirational content, relevant news stories, and practically everything you could call “brown and proud”.

The package the tool comes in comes with an EON card, which is the e-wallet where all B&P community transactions will go through. The user would register this card and that would be where the cash flow comes in.

Joining the B&P movement sets you up for a “Brown Tree” which means that you get a referral code and if you encourage another two persons to join in, you get rewarded for that. An additional pairing system comes in after the referral payout that supplements your initial reward. It has a multi-level marketing flow that is, unlike all others, limited. A single brown tree can gain only a little over Php 1,000,000.00. And this is only the beginning.

More than the reward system, the B&P Dream Portal is truly where it is at. With an projected user base of 10 Million at the end of next year, the B&P Dream Portal becomes a sort of crowdfunding resource. Once registered, you can elevate yourself into an “inspirer” and you can show to the community what you’re passionate about – and it could be anything!

You’d like to mount a concert? The community can help with that!
You have an idea that you want to build? Let’s get funded through the community!
Starting up your business? You can get invested upon by members of the community as well.

It’s very practical math… you request for say Php 1,000 to fund your revolutionary new invention – when this gets posted, the entire user base of 10 Million will get wind of what you’re trying to accomplish, and if even a thousand of the users find your idea intriguing, then you have Php 1 Million in funding already. This is the true aspect of the B&P Dream Portal.

Don’t say I didn’t let you in on it. I hope to see your ideas on the portal really soon ^^ I’m almost certain you’re someone who embodies brown and proud as well. As their slogan clearly puts it: Its not the color of your skin, it’s the color of your heart!