Motorola returning to the Philippines?

When my brother and I were roaming around Megamall during the new year we saw a closed booth of Motorola in the lobby of building B. It had posters of most of the newer models of phones that they have been offering which have yet to grace the Philippine shores leave for those imported through international channels.
Could we be witnessing the first steps of the return of the mobile company here? The local smartphone market is currently being dominated by LG and Samsung but I can still remember the time when RAZR was in its heyday.
Personally I’m very much looking forward to them coming back, they have been producing very nice phones as of late and if they do return we’ll be seeing people walking around toting Droids soon enough.
I do hope that if they localize again they drop their prices a little.

Prior to my X10, Ive been using a ROKR E6 for about 3 years, trusty little device that was, its now servicing my younger brother.

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