Xperia Arc at CES 2011

So its the Consumer Electronics Show happening at Las Vegas around now and all the fancy up and coming devices are all on display for everyone (who is there) to stare and drool upon.
All the tech blogs have been abuzz with continuous information bombardment from all types of media.

The Sony booth had this: the Xperia Arc, successor of the X10. Aptly named because of the arching back form making it a very thin, sleek and stylish piece of equipment. Several highlights presented are as follows:

-Android 2.3
-4.2 inch XLED screen with Bravia engine they call the ‘Reality Display’
-HDMI connection
-8.3MP HD Exmor R Camera
-1Ghz Snapdragon Processor
-8.7mm Thick… make that ‘Thin’

Compared to the current specifications of the X10 this isnt a ‘leap’ so to speak, but the overall usability, performance and workmanship have definitely all been improved. Timescape has been retained but Mediascape has been replaced with a host of widgets so I wont be expecting much improvement on that with the promised next firmware update for the X10.

Up and Down Xperia

Photo shows the X10 (above) and the Arc (below).
Something to keep an eye on most definitely.
Check out this video from jon4lakers of TechnoBuffalo on YT for a short hands on demo.

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