Visual Dreams Full Video

Yesterday evening at around 10pm, this music video by SNSD aka Girls Generation, highly anticipated by SONEs around the world, made its debut through the streaming channel Youtube.

Feed changed due to SMEnt restrictions, click here for the official video on SMEnt channel

Featuring the girls dancing as if they were robots coupled with the extensive use of the word ‘core’ (and several words which rhyme or sound like it) althroughout the three and a half minutes, this video along with its catchy tune, manages to highlight the 2nd Intel Core processor family in a marketing strategy aimed at not only Korea but the whole of Asia.

The reinforcement provided by the girl group’s international fanbase Soshified manages to trend the video and the brand being marketed across various social networking sites and might just go well beyond the boundaries of the intended audience.

A bonus towards the end shows the girls ‘humming’ along Intel’s trademark sound.

To be able to sing along and understand the full song check out the document below, credit goes to Hyunjin808 & typicalharu and grandma deer of Soshified

VisualDreams – Romanization and Translation

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