Xperia X10 Multitouch Update

Last Jan19, the official dual/multitouch update for the Xperia X10 had been released for the Japanese market. Of course the developers at XDA worked very well to bring it to as many users as possible and hence my phone has now been updated to perform the said functionality.

This was one of those features that the X10 owners wanted really badly ever since the conception of the device. At least now some of the games and most of the apps can be properly utilized.

I was waiting for this to be able to use Sketchbook Pro to its maximum potential, true enough I wasn’t disappointed. Now I only need to find the time and inspiration for some sketchwork.

Find complete information on how to enable this here. Many thanks to Bin4ry and My_Immortal of XDA Developers for all their effort.

Note: This is not yet the second official UXP update which would feature a better Timescape and Mediascape probably with multitouch features integrated into them, so far it only works within the default Android gallery and not within the Mediascape browser (for photos).

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