5 Steps to a Gadget

Determining what to purchase is an essential step in eliminating redundancy within your workflow. Going through the following yes or no queries in order will help you narrow down your choice among the ‘computers’ around. If you answered differently from what is written under the question then proceed to the next one.

Q1. Do you need to be mobile?

No? Buy a Desktop, it is the heaviest of the bunch and requires, among other things, a table and a chair for you to work with it.

Q2. Does your work require computing power?

Yes? Buy a Notebook, it is a mobile computer with screens from 14″ to 17″ (21″ even!) generally more powerful than the items below but because of the new processors out there, it is better to differentiate them as the ones having an optical disc drive.

Q3. Do you need/want a physical keyboard?

Yes? Buy a Netbook, with screens generally ranging from 7″ to 13.3″, these babies have relatively smaller keyboards than the former.

Q4. Are you concerned about the weight?

No? Buy a Hybrid (Tablet-Notebook), these are basically netbooks with a touchscreen monitor and a swivel base that enables it to transform into a tablet.

Q5. Do you need to make calls with it?

No? Buy a Tablet, currently at 7″ to 10″, they are generally multimedia and web browsing powerhouses.
Yes? Buy a Smartphone, averaging at 3.2″ to around 4″ they are basically mobile phones running an operating system.

So there you go, its a simple procedure of elimination and youre all set. Now that you have narrowed down your requirement, prepare for another barrage of choices from all those that fall under the classification.

Have fun!

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