PSP2-NGP (Next Generation Portable)

Talk about a one-two punch! Just after the publicity that Xperia Play has been afforded, here comes another powerhouse from Sony: the PSP 2 Codenamed NGP (Next Generation Portable). Although this one is a bit far away on the horizon from this day, at the very least we can already drool over it! This portable console seems like a dream come true for a true hardcore game fanatic.

A quad core processor in the palm of your hands, 5-inch capacitive multitouch screen, robust control set featuring the dual analog, a rear touchscreen panel, complete connectivity options WiFi b/g/n, 3G, BT, GPS, brand new user interface (although the XMB remains to be very good), front and rear cameras, stereo sound and a microphone; Its a gaming device dedicated enough to not deprive you of your social updates should you require it.

Running graphics near PS3 quality, what more can a gamer-on-the-go ask for? Although personally I’d have to say its looking very ’roundish’… I kind of miss the subtle lines given off by the last generation of PSPs. The D-Pad and the PS buttons also seems reduced, but of course you’ll probably get used to the proportions in no time flat.

Slated to invade stores during the holiday season, let’s see how the tablet market evolves within the seasons to transpire prior to that. In the meantime, impatient ones can troop to the Xperia Play.

Follow the link for more information and photos from the ever reliable GSM Arena.

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