AutoCAD 2011 for Mac

So I got a chance to work with an iMac equipped with it. Suffice it to say, it handles the same as that on Windows with the addition of gesture controls that allow for various movement across the model / paperspace using multiple finger swipes.

Another differentiation of this package from its PC counterpart is the interface layout which focuses properties and layer controls to the right side and the creation buttons on the left, kind of like how Photoshop is configured. It also reminded me of earlier ACAD builds.
While this is fairly different from the ‘Ribbon’ system being used all over Windows, who really uses these buttons when working in ACAD right!?!

This is very good news to Apple enthusiasts who are within the Architecture and Engineering sciences. Macbook Pro’s and all their siblings move another step towards the technical fields.

Mac-users rejoice!

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