Audio-Technica ATH EC700

Last Tuesday I bought a new pair of earphones for cheap, of course there is an 85% probability that this is a counterfeit.

A little research on the internet shows a product that is different in 2 areas, the earpiece of which the HK-AT site displays to have the magnet clearly visible from the meshing, and the 3.5mm jack is supposed to be gold plated.
The packaging proportions were also a bit off, it is a tin can with a window where the earphones can be viewed.

While you can already conclude from those three, there is this nagging feeling that this can also be legit.
The packaging, while different, also speaks of another set of specifications and frequency responses. This product was supposed to have been released in Japan and there might have been subtle differences in parts.
There is also hardly a trace of comparatives between a real and a fake.

The logic behind this thinking is due to the fact that, while the bass on the earphones doesnt sound so deep, the higher frequency range output is outstanding and there is no cracking even at max volume.
Voices and instruments come through cleanly and subtle sounds are clearly audible.

A different specialty maybe?

Now whether or not I’ve been conned is beyond me, this pair sounds excellent and looks too good to pass up. In a landscape teeming with all sorts of ear/headphones, being unique is all that counts and so far, I havent noticed anyone sporting the same pair. Probably because this particular design had been from 2007… however, in audio, analog is still superior.

There’s just really three things to consider in a product purchase:
And Longevity
The last one being challenged because of the consistent market fluctuations.
Was I satisfied with my purchase? Heck yes! It was clearly a steal.

    • Justpassingby
    • April 14th, 2011

    Sorry to say this but it’s a fake. Real one should come in a “cheap” looking paper box(the Japanese are environmentalists). The rubber on the ear clip should stop in between the first and second curves. The wireds are thinner, and the logo should be printed in black(on sv version, white on the gm version). As for the sound quality reviews can be found on
    BTW nice blog.

      • Mark Obra
      • April 14th, 2011

      Thanks for the heads up, I’m pretty sure it was a knock off from the price, but the quality was, and still is, absolutely impressive. Maybe the same drivers were used… I can only hope. Thank you again for dropping by!

    • Flux
    • January 17th, 2012

    Yeah, just to say. Good that they sound good but it’s a copy. The black arm is not supposed to cover THAT much of the ear hanger. You will see that on the original it doesn’t go below that much.

    I hope they have same drivers too! They are expensive drivers.

  1. October 20th, 2013

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