Cynet Gaming Zone

Just when I thought the age of renting consoles were over, thence came this area within the SM Cubao Cyberzone.

Started operations within the last quarter of 2010, the consoles to be rented are among the newest and most powerful engines available namely the XBox360 and the Playstation 3.

Sporting all the popular titles and allowing the use of different control devices such as driving wheels, guitars, arcade sticks, and the like, the shop offers a setup quite unique from all its predecessors.
Even the price range is in a complete league of its own; 75php to 250php depending on the number of players and the requested gaming environment. Screens get larger, the speakers grow louder, the seats get more comfortable, and the audience are provided with more entertainment as well. The unique circular space allow passers by to join in on the action through fully transparent acrylic partitions covering the area.

Crowd favorites include Assasins Creed, NFS, God of War, and Castlevania to name a few.

Im not sure if there are any other branches apart from this one but should you need to fulfill your playstation fix and you have your memory card with you, why not pop in for an experience where you can showcase your skills with the people around you and they share your glory and defeat, in whichever order they might be XD.

    • Louis
    • July 4th, 2011

    Thank you for the nice article about our store. Yes we have another store at SM Fairview. In September we will start franchising answer will be at the expo Sep 23-25.

    Cynet owner

      • Mark Obra
      • July 4th, 2011

      Im glad the article was to your liking. If its not too much of a hassle could you provide information on the September expo?

      • Hello Mark,

        You can check the franchise info on our new web site at . We will have a 3 x 3 meters booth. A stainless table with a 40 inch 3D screen on one side and 2 x 23 LEDs on the other with sofa and speakers. Visitors can experience the thrill by playing a few minutes. Also a 37 LED screen will show continues video of both stores (SM Fairview and SM Cubao). It will be a unique booth setup looking like a mini Cynet Zone gaming setup with fences and poster and acrylick clear glass just like the real stores just to give an idea to our prospect franchisees how it all looks and feels.

        Our franchise development is done by Francorp Inc which is one of the most professional franchise development companies in the world (They developed Jollibee, Max’s Bench, Waffle, goldilocks, The generics, etc). So our franchisee manuals and materials will be top notch and professionally made. I hope you can visit and write another article 🙂


        New York

        • Mark Obra
        • July 27th, 2011

        Welcome back Mr Louis,

        I jumped to your new website and saw the information on the Franchise Expo at SMX on September. I can already imagine the setup you’re going to have from your detailed description. I’ll make sure to drop by if the opportunity presents itself.

        Thank you for getting back to me sir. Very informative indeed ^_^

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