Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 11

Yesterday afternoon until this morning, I have been plagued by an annoying ‘gostats’ redirect protocol on my Firefox which almost rendered it unusable. Of course you’d expect parallels from me as I have both IE and Chrome also within my arsenal but I wasn’t about to give up on my favorite after all; I went to their site and was going to download an updated copy to overwrite my current installation and I saw this there: a Firefox 4 beta release… Of course I’m gonna try it!

The way it’s setup is just like a reconfigured FF3 with less clutter at the top and highly simplified experience (all the new browsers seem to be taking their cue from Chrome). So whats different? Here are a few points Ive noticed from using it:

– When you hover over links inside web pages, the address bar splits into two and shows you the destination over the right side of the split.
– When you open a new tab, the connecting and loading animations are clearly different and would help you to identify whether or not a real internet connection is present.
– When you close a tab, the browser shows you the tab to the left from which the closed tab might have originated from. Before what it did was present you with the following tab, which really isnt helpful because you really would probably want to return to the page you were browsing prior to it.

I usually don’t have history on so if there were any changes they implemented on it I wouldn’t notice it at all.

There is also a new sync option within the tools tab showing its readiness and integration into mobile environments within the immediate future of its release.

Overall my experience has been smooth with this 11th beta release, no bugs to report to the folks at Mozilla as of yet. Should you want a test run just go to and take it from there. Ill be eagerly waiting for its final form and will probably switch to it from this beta.

  1. syncing across all devices! i need this!! haha

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