Coby Kyros MID7015

I saw this new tablet on the shelves of Electronics Boutique while I was strolling around a few hours ago, I’ve been wondering when that particular shop is gonna jump on the tablet field and it seems that they have just now, and with a very competitive product to offer no less.

Debuting at one peso shy of 7k, this 7-incher has quite a number of features that tend to pique the interest of potential owners. One thing you should be aware of is that the screen is of the resistive type and responds to pressure rather than conduction. It isn’t all that unresponsive but users familiar with the more popular capacitive screens will have to adapt to it.

Inside it runs using an 800Mhz ARM CPU along with a 4GB flash memory (microSD expandable) and the Android 2.1 Eclair system. It has a USB (keyboard) port and a mini-HDMI connector as well. These things have no camera on them and doesn’t come with the Google suite of apps that usually come in pre-loaded onto more popular tablets… that does not necessarily mean that there isn’t hope of ever putting it on the device though.

I’d recommend this to users who would want to dip their hand on the android ecosystem for the first time. It has basic connectivity with b/g networks, a fully functional accelerometer, and excellent build quality. Users are highly recommended to tweak this device to unleash its hidden potential.

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