Logitech Alto Connect

I’d consider my current set of devices to be quite complete and so there’s very little out right now that would make me want to purchase something as an addition. This piece however, almost made me buy it on impulse.

This thing of beauty is called the Alto Connect, a laptop stand coupled with USB ports (hence the ‘connect’ in the name), designed and created by Logitech.

I first saw this in one of their mini booklet-type catalogs that you can just grab from stores which showcase their current product offerings and was simply astonished by the form, but to see one in reality was just magnificent. It carries the trademark elegant curves and materials that Logitech is known to use on most of their devices. The clean black theme highlights the silver logo dead in the center where both the pieces converge. The packaging is rectangular and thin but when you take the device out and snap the two pieces into place it becomes a full robust stand with enough clearance that you’d actually level the screen to your eyes depending on how high wherever you’re computing is at. This device does come with its own adapter which powers up the 4 USB hubs integrated in it, it should mean that mobile HDD’s will run properly on them.

Octagon had this in their shop and its is being retailed for 2,000PhP its really not that bad considering mice nowadays cost around 350 towards as high as 7k (and I was considering buying a new retractable mouse at 650 prior to seeing this on the shelves.) It had going for it both design excellence and rarity, it had me contemplating on it for a while… but that doesn’t mean I won’t swing buy to take it home some other day right?!

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