Upcoming LG Blade Series

There isn’t much LG notebooks out in the Philippine Market… as of now its Samsung among the two major Korean electronics brands that is continuously penetrating into the local IT industry thus it wouldn’t be a surprise if these babies don’t get here anytime soon (if at all.)

That up there is an LG Blade with a ‘Shuriken’ display. It is a developing technology that allows them to create markedly thinner bezels around the actual computing screen. These guys are powered by a 2nd Gen i7 and GeForce 520M card but of course that’s only one of many possible configurations they might put in the aluminum chassis. There isnt any pricing indication and this was just announced by Engadget a few moments ago. The projected timeline for landing in Asia is the end of May but up until now, there isnt much of the 2nd generation Intel core powered notebooks coming out yet.

While the screen might be of impressive technology, I’m not really into the contrast they’ve got going on this design. This will have serious heat issues especially running on high spec components such as those stated above, that and of course battery life will have potential buyers second guessing whether or not to take it home.

Nonetheless, here’s to hoping that these make it to our shores within the remainder of the first half of the year. It may not be longer from now that we would be computing without any bezels at all, all technological concepts and ideas do point towards that direction.

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