Energizer Ultimate Lithium

My BT Mouse’s low battery light had started to come on, its an annoying orange blink that says replace me now or regret it when I finally run out; and so I went on to buy the most powerful set that I could think of – the Energizer Lithium. This is by far the most expensive set of AA batteries that I have ever purchased. At Php230, its about 200 to 300% more expensive than other models.

C360_2011-05-23 08-41-33

So what’s special about this set? Only that it boasts more than 700% power capacity from the Energizer Max. This was my only concern prior to using it. What I placed in my mouse after its stock battery had run out is your run of the mill Duracell battery; lasted me for about six months or so. However, the Lithium is so much more than powerful:

Its very light, extremely so that I really felt the change in the weight of the mouse as compared to when other batteries were in it. It is also said to be able to perform in extreme temperature conditions, highly recommended for underwater photography enthusiasts: operating temperature range is said to be –40 to 60 degrees Celsius.

I think I’m doing injustice to them because I’m only using it to power a mouse, however, this is an essential part of my tools and having to use it on a daily basis, the added comfort of newfound maneuverability because of the lightweight property of the batteries really makes it worth the money, may help in preventing CTS too.

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