Xperia Ray and Xperia Active

Two new full touchscreen additions to the Xperia family have recently been released to the press by SE. While these phones aren’t competing with the current flagship Arc, the two have very interesting forms and features that might just get you saving up in anticipation.

First off, the Xperia Ray:


This 3.3 incher carries most of the featureset available from the Arc but with a relatively smaller onboard memory, it actually is akin to a smaller version of the flagship. 8MP camera, 720p recording, Bravia display, almost everything really that the Arc has.

On the other hand, the Xperia Active:


is geared towards those heavily inclined to athletics. The form is visibly and most definitely sturdy. Imbued with elemental resistances and is capable of reading your touch even when wet! This one has an even smaller screen at 3 inches, a 5MP camera, barometer, GPS, ANT+ support (for those new to this term, it allows the phone to interface with sensors in sports gear to transmit data to the phone), as well as loads of sports oriented apps pre-loaded onto the device.

These two new devices, along with a third one called the Sony Ericsson Txt, are all slated to be release late Q3 globally. In the Philippines however, we have yet to be graced with the Neo, Play, and Pro and we’re already almost into Q3. Am still hoping that somehow, at the very least, the NGP called PSVita makes it here on time.

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