Metro Manila City Buses with WiFi OnBoard

When I got off the commuter bus this evening, I noticed that the bus in front of mine had a WiFi banner strewn near its main door, moving a little forward I saw it had this huge paper printout (should’ve verified if it was a dot matrix printout hehe) with its declaration of WiFi capability.


This image is just a composite by the way, but that’s the bus company. I would’ve snapped photos of it had I spotted it earlier in the day. Since my phone doesn’t have the Exmor-R sensor, shots in the dark are anything but useful really.

Now I’ve heard and seen provincial buses with this feature but this is the first time that I have witnessed it on a Metro Manila city line. This is certainly something else as far as commuter enticement techniques have gone; In order it would have to be: air-conditioning, stereo, video, and now wireless internet access. If this catches on, most fully enclosed, mass transit passenger vehicles would incorporate the feature and you would almost never be off the grid, unless of course you’re underground or some predicament where a signal simply cannot reach your device.

I’d have to catch a ride on one to test the integrity of the connection and what they are actually using to power it; my guess would have to be one of those 4g modems connected to a WiFi router powered by their inverters.

  1. kung eto man po yung company ng bus na nasakyan ko kanina lang po sana po kung nakita nyo po phone ko dahil hindi ko alam kung naiwan ko po dun o nanakaw.. sana maibalik po.. samsung galaxy grand pime po.. salamat po..

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