ASUS Transformer Market Appearance

It’s really taking forever for this particular slate to hit the Philippine market and come out with a stable price point. But while I was going around the gadget filled passages of Greenhills a while ago, there it was, on sale in a small shop called Netgear, my very first sighting of the Transformer behind a glass.


It is a good sign, it wont be long now till its in abundance like the Iconia Tab is today. The price when I asked was 27k… that’s 620USD, way over the SRP, but what can you expect, right now its practically a premium, if you’re unwilling to shell off airfare or shipping costs, this could be just the right price with which to take one home; However, a little more patience would certainly save you four thousand, maybe more.

While the Iconia Tab and the Transformer are similar in numerous aspects, it is the brand that makes this item more enticing to the general populace. Let us just hope that it wont affect the price point when it comes out. I am eagerly awaiting for this particular piece of hardware to finally saturate store shelves.

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