The Motorola Xoom and my First Hand Tablet Run

I did a little bit of strolling around today and on my way home I chanced upon a kiosk that is simply impossible to miss, that of the Motorola Xoom, it was situated directly in front of the Megamall Bldg B entrances.

I’ve heard many negative reviews about this particular tablet so my expectations weren’t all that high, true to form, the performance of the tablet alone was ridden with disappointment.
Simple homescreen navigation presented noticeable lag, screen reorientation was slow and sometimes won’t even recognize the shift, typing wasn’t fast at all, gameplay was a total bust, of course that can be attributed to playing with a game that wasn’t developed for the Nvidia Tegra 2 chip but the sub par performance was really unbelievable, especially since the device is a Motorola which has a great track record in my personal experience.

Here’s the Xoom’s very promising advertisment/s:


That aside, having been able to test a 10 inch android 3.0 tablet really is a different experience from that of a measly 4 inch phone. The desktop-like resolution, quick response and sheer size of the workspace really leaves an impression on you. Lucky for me, the test unit had AutocadWS installed and i was able to feel just how useful it might be in work scenarios. I used to have that on my phone as well but the frequent crashes made me rethink using it, surely the more powerful tablets fuel the program better with its processor, ram, and free space for caching. I used documents to go for the typing test and I know personally that it isn’t the fastest in terms of typing reaction; I’m pretty sure that with the proper application and possibly modified keyboard, composing emails or documents with the tablet would ultimately be engaging.
Its a pretty positive outlook for my next computing device.

The Xoom is being sold at the kiosk for 30,175 if cash payments, 35,550 otherwise, and is currently pegged at 34,900 for the 3G version in the unofficial market. The booth offers a free shirt for every purchase and your choice of either a jelly case or a Motorola phone worth 1,700Php.

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