Agfacolor Eclipse Explorer

Are you ready to fire up the director within you? During one of my regular patrols, I found this nifty little compact camera that has the capabilities way beyond its retail price of only five thousand!!!

The Agfacolor Eclipse isn’t your run of the mill video camcorder. The compact size is contrasted by a noticeable heft when you’re holding the device; you can actually feel how rugged the construction is. Coming in at 5 megapixels, it isn’t the most powerful still image processor but turn to its video capabilities and then you’re certainly in for a treat or two… or maybe three!

There are plenty of resolutions to choose from ranging from the standard VGA to full 1080p HD all capturing at 30fps and that’s not where the surprises end. One of the video modes (720p) can even capture at twice the speed (60fps) giving not only the possibility of slow motion but incredible realtime detail.

Did I also mention that this device is actually waterproof and shockproof? You heard it right! At a stated depth of 5 meters tolerance, that’s beyond regular waterproof offerings of up to only 3 meters… what is more fascinating is that this feature is being offered at this unbelievable price point, it’s as good as a steal if compared to Sony’s Bloggie, which isn’t even waterproof, and the Sanyo’s Xacti which carries with it the advantage of a swiveling lcd and an ergonomic grip for better handling.

I’ve seen video samples captured with the Eclipse and while it isn’t the most vibrant and faithful in color reproduction, the speed of the footage is without any compromise. Even low light condition samples aren’t half bad; Underwater footages, without an issue!

So if you’re looking for something to spend an extra 5k on, you won’t go wrong with the Eclipse. It can be a gift, a hobby accessory, just about anything really. Grab one now before it flies off the shelves. There hasn’t been an offering this low for waterproof cameras since they’ve been introduced! Perfect for video bloggers, hobbyists, extremists, enthusiasts, anybody really… you would only need to buy a higher capacity card because you’ll be shooting some high definition footage in no time!

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