Android QWERTY Phone Roundup

My brother has been a long time user of the Motorola Q9 and lately it seems that he’s about to make the jump into phones of this generation but with the same form factor. He was looking at the Android QWERTY offerings from HTC, the ChaCha, and the one from Samsung, the Galaxy Pro.Pitting them side by side through the GSMArena comparison utility cleary shows that the ChaCha has the upper hand between the two. On fields concerning the resolution, connection profiles, availability of a secondary camera, the primary camera, video, and even the operating system, the Galaxy Pro is severely outmatched.

Looking at hardware specifications alone, you wouldnt think twice about getting the HTC ChaCha, however the form factor is affected by the inclusion of the dedicated facebook button or lack thereof which favors the Galaxy Pro… with the addition of product cost and the non exclusivity to a network, the Galaxy Pro is holding its own somewhat.

General trends suggest however that within a month, the exclusivity is lost and the handset is made available to various retail channels and with that it boils down to patience… My brother had been holding on to his phone for a good four years at least so I wont think waiting would be a problem for him; But, if you’re looking for a good QWERTY android phone, look no further than the HTC ChaCha, its got decent specifications and the most recent edition of Android for the phones… Even though it only has an 800Mhz processor, you wont really need much for a phone that stays in landscape mode most of the time and with that resolution, not many games or even media would be too enticing.

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