Sony Ericsson Txt Pro


When I missed out on a meeting due to misinformation I decided to roam around the very miniscule tech area of Trinoma and there I found the Txt Pro already being sold. I asked and it had only landed early last week so its not really completely in the hands of consumers yet.

This little monster from SE, alhough not sharing the Xperia line, is very close in form factor to the X10 Mini Pro, featuring a full slide out keyboard and a 3″ touchscreen. The Corner UI used to navigate the phone features isnt foreign as it was already in place with the X8 (and probably the Mini series as well). It gives off a smartphone-like environment without having to be one. It is WiFi enabled as well and looks to be one of the more affordable pieces of wireless internet capable hardware out to date. At a retail price of 6k for cash and 6.5k for installment scheme, its not a bad choice for a wifi featurephone. A combined touchscreen and keyboard interface makes for a good choice of input. The build is pretty solid but a bit thicker compared to its predecessors. It has a 3.15MP camera at the back, 100Mb internal storage and 64Mb rAM, 240×400 pixel screen, BT, WiFi, and even an FM radio.

What could possibly be a dealbreaker for it is the browser as it is WAP 2.0 which will render websites much like how it is in older phone models. All in all however, it still remains a stylish alternative to other similarly priced competition that you may want to check out.

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