Musical Modality

It is not simply a rhythmic string of words or a beautiful blending of melodies that make up a track. There is a certain mood that is embedded into the individual when music is heard and that which stirs the soul is an integral part of the trade with which I work with.

The final form of a video composition can never be completed with the visual aspect alone. Selecting the proper accompaniment to a piece requires a significant amount of time intently listening, focused on the progression of beats and the high and low pitches that the sound achieves. Whether what is required is a particular consistency or a somewhat perceivable chaos, first and foremost you are required to hear the music properly and among my collection of phones, my Logitech H165 provides the fullest range and appropriate sound cancellation.

Getting it free for the purchase of a mouse was definitely a treat but it is simply not specifically made for professional purposes. It might be the same reason why they released an almost identical product without the microphone input and jack (Ultimate Ears Series).

Ever since then I’ve been on the lookout for proper headphones and the Audio-Technica M50 might just be it. With 45mm neodymium drivers and a frequency range well below and above the norm, not a single note will be missed. Truly a professional product and a very notable one at that.

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