Mosaic for Windows 7


Now this is something I cant wait to try out when I get home. Inspired by the development of the upcoming Windows 8 Metro UI, this desktop alternative will play host to tiles just like how it will be on the next generation windows OS.

I dont think this one will replace my desktop setup right now but who knows, I might be swayed otherwise. This can also work towards the benefit of those who already have tablets running Windows on them.

I sure hope it will be fun when I finally get to try it out later. Too bad I dont have my dv3 with me right now else Id be reporting about the experience already.

You can check out the Beta build at


And so I finally got to try it out at home and the experience was a little bit disorienting but not in a bad way. As with any introduction to a new operating system, this is a little bit similar to when I first held a Windows 7 phone… only bigger and with a more landscape oriented navigation.

If this is anything similar to how the Metro UI will behave, I cant yet imagine how the software packages are going to be repackaged to reflect this touch friendly UI… context menus will never be the same again!

A highly recommended mod for those running a tablet with Windows 7 on it. Have fun customizing the tiles!

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