HP Topshot MFP M275

You see that cool looking reverse C-shaped armature sitting on top of the printer? That’s HP’s newest innovation in the field of scanning: a ‘3D’ scanner.

When I first got wind of this deice I had thought it to actually produce a workable 3-dimensional wireframe but sadly it isn’t. What it enables you to do is to scan real world objects, small ones, into a studio-like product shot using a composite of 6 shots with a variety of exposures and lighting conditions… probably like HDR photography. There isnt any data on what resolution the lens is shooting with but its probably a 1.3-2Megapixel range.

Now what they are suggesting for its use is for small scale businesses who would want to make a catalog of their products for whatever purpose they may deem fit. The idea is nice but the use might not be too wide as of the moment. It is a very welcome innovation and many more product varieties might stem from this pioneering move by the company.

It is priced at 399USD, thats roughly 17k in local currency… not all bad for a laser printer – studio cam hybrid. Not yet available as of posting but is a sure sight for the curious once it comes out.

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