Sony Vaio L Touchscreen Desktop




This newer model has replaced the then Vaio J that we were supposed to mount or house for one of the office’s projects. I dropped by one of the Sony concept stores to find out just how much this one actually cost in retail and found it to be around 80 thousand available through special order.

Sporting an Intel Core i7 2720QM, it is one of the fastest machines that I’ve handled to date at a base frequency of 2.2 backed up by 8Gbs of RAM and a perfectly capable GeForce 540. The unit comes with a host of cables and accessories including a snazzy pair of 3d glasses which can be charged via USB. There was also no lack of connection slots although most of it could be found either at the left or the backside with an equal number of USB 2 and 3 ports (3 ea), a card slot, and most every standard port you could think of using.

The 24″ panel was also one of the most responsive Windows touchscreen I’ve played with, but even with the hardware this machine is packing, there is still a considerable delay to where you are touching and where the pointer registers especially when sweeping. Too bad I can’t run a Windows 8 preview on it, that’d be a wonderful experience as I can imagine. It says that the panel will only recognize up to 2 touch points which means its nowhere near a Microsoft Surface or any of the tablets out and about.

It is not without its faults though, as videos I tested were not as vibrant as I would’ve hoped so there is a bit of color loss, and listening to it was far from enjoyable, even at high levels, the built-in speakers weren’t able to deliver… Id describe it as a little “hollow” sounding with a good bass range but not enough of the high frequencies getting through.

It is definitely a wonderful combination of some of the most recent hardware and the experience goes beyond exemplary. A very good desktop replacement especially in preparation for the highly touch optimized next generation of Windows.

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