2011.09.27 TS Pedring


Thought I’d just share the woes of those people stranded by the relentless downpour and powerful winds of the storm with a little illustration.
That’s me when I went out a while ago to spend some time out in the malls.

Here’s to the safety of everyone especially to those in heavily affected areas!
Don’t forget to carry raingear if you really need to go out.

Otherwise, stay at home, watch series (we all know most of what were following are starting their seasons around now) or movies (high definition ones so you’ll know you’re using your LCD/LED/Plasma HDTVs for its intended purpose) or better yet, read books… A Song of Fire and Ice is well worth the time.

  1. i missed seeing your illustrations mark! 🙂

    by the way, i love s dong of fire and ice.

    • ok not a DONG. hahaha a SONG! :p

        • Mark Obra
        • October 1st, 2011

        Hehe ang haba nga lang pero its definitely worth the time to read XD

        Its especially good since you could put real faces in the characters after the first season.. makes you want to learn who will play and how the new characters would look like.

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