My Tweet My Passport!


Here’s a contest that requires very little effort and yields very nice rewards!

HardwareZonePh is holding this Twitter contest which could possibly win you a 500GB WD Passport!
Its simple, read on! Promo ends Oct 7 so make good use of your twitter time people! Who knows you might just be the lucky one!

Thanks Julz for the heads up!

Contest Mechanics

1. Each participant must have an authentic Twitter and Facebook account.

2. Each participant must subscribe to HardwareZone Philippines’ community at

3. Like HardwareZonePH and Western Digital Philippines on Facebook.

4. Follow HardwareZonePH and wdpinas on Twitter.

5. Stay tuned at HardwareZonePH on Twitter.

6. Each day, HardwareZonePH will post a question. Answer the question of the day by tweeting it on your Twitter account. Do not forget to mention wdpinas and hashtag mypassport in your tweet. Your tweet is your contest entry.

Example: I need a 500 GB WD My Passport Essential because I need a device where I can store my photos. @wdpinas #mypassport

7. You may tweet as many entries as you like. We encourage originality and discourage repetition or straightforward retweeting of an entry.

8. Tweeting of entries start from the time when HardwareZonePH tweets the question of the day until the closing announcement.

9. The entries will be assessed according to their relevance, uniqueness, creativity, and overall quality.

10. HardwareZone Philippines reserves the right to disqualify an entry and choose the winning entry of the contest.

11. The winner will be informed through a personal message on Twitter then via email or phone. His or her name will be announced on HardwareZonePH’s Twitter account.

12. The winner must personally claim his/her prize at the office of HardwareZone Philippines in Quezon City.

13. HardwareZone Philippines reserves the right to amend the mechanics and criteria of judging at any time during the contest period without prior notice. Any changes will be tweeted on the HardwareZonePH Twitter account.

Good luck everyone!

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