Kuponan – eBay Philippines take on Group Buy

kuponan logo copy

Kuponan: A very colloquial term for the internationally renowned bidding site eBay’s local initiative for the online discounted group buy system. It can be construed to mean one of two things I find, one of which literally pertains to a group (as it was used in the wildly popular anime Ghost Fighter / YuYu Hakusho) and the other, while strangely taglish in form, can mean a place wherein you can accumulate coupons… if the translated word was ‘”kupon” which I’m almost certain it isn’t.

Transparency is what sets it apart from its competition as is illustrated in the following screenshot:


This is how it looks like when you go into the details of a deal. It shows you the original valuation, how much less you get it for, the buying price, and most importantly, how much you pay for it to avail of the coupon. Some deals would require you to pay in full while others start with a ‘reservation fee’ of sorts.

You don’t have to create groups to purchase in this system, instead, when you avail a certain deal, you are automatically considered a part of the group that wants to proceed with that purchase, hence the name Kuponan. I am inclined to think that originally, the deals required a particular number of confirmations in order to become active, as is characterized by the big green check mark followed by “The Deal is ON” phrase… but the current explosion of deal sites drastically had an effect on this prompting most of the deal-makers to allow for the availment of the discounted price immediately.

If you’re one of those folk who frequent deal sites for fantastic discounts (like how my brother is) don’t forget to check it out and add another, definitely trustworthy and with vastly greater potential, tool / link to your bookmarks. The deals coupled with numerous personal listings on the integrated website can offer an online shopping experience like none other.

ebay logo copy

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