WD Connected Life Product Launch

Amidst the Thailand catastrophe which is affecting most of the hard drive manufacturing industry, here we have the Western Digital team presenting to us three of their newest storage and entertainment solutions.


The event was held at the lower ground floor of the Makati ShangRiLa and there was a fantastic turnout of media, tech bloggers, and even wholesalers and retailers. There was a Japanese buffet all set out for the participants with free flowing drinks while waiting for our turn at the set-up ballroom.


We were ushered in to a three part setup: a living room, home office, and café wherein all of the three products and their accompanying mobile controllers were discussed. The photo above shows the café area where the WD My Book Live (MBL) which is a personal cloud solution was presented to us. Mobile access to it requires the WD2Go apps both available for the Android and iOS systems. SRP is Php 6,990.00 for 1Tb, Php 8,290.00 for 2Tbs, and Php 10,590.00 for the 3Tb solution.


The preceding photo shows the WD Live TV box which is an internet and entertainment integrated hub. This is an update to their current line featuring improved UI and additional tweaks. Some particularly interesting features come in the form of getting data from whatever it is you are currently watching through an internet connection. SRP is Php 5.490.00


Finally the Mac oriented MyPassport Studio with its revolutionary firewire + daisy chain technology was shown to us.


Its quite nice that they are recognized independently unlike a RAID array which enables you to perform sorting of data amongst multiple drives very easily. It is also compatible with Time Machine and is styled with similar materials to the Macbook line giving it a sleek aesthetic which will not shy away from the notebook if seen together. SRP for the various drive configurations are as follows: 500Gb – Php 5,435.00, 750Gb – Php 6,279.00, and 1Tb – Php 7,237.00


Availability through local shops should be guaranteed and with competitive market price placement. A big congratulations to the facilitators of the event for a great introduction for their newest product line.

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