Asus K53SV Budget i7

This holiday season continues to become interesting with the appearance of a wild contender from Asus even rivaling their very own G Series for market share.

The K53 at 15 inches already carries the better 2nd generation i7 processor in the form of the 2670qm rated at a base frequency of 2.2Ghz. With that kind of power, you would think that the price would be somewhere north of 50k but this one very surprisingly falls down to something just shy of 40,000!

This is the closest that a major notebook manufacturer has come to the earlier Neo i7 laptop which right now costs not even 28000 for straight/outright purchases. This unit from Asus does take it a ster further with a 2gb graphics in both Nvidia and AMD flavors I’d think (this due to the fact that the one I was testing earlier had Nvidia while the Asus catalog says its AMD.)

Understandably, this unit does not have a bundled operating system and has mostly basic hardware for most of its other components such as only 2gb of RAM, supermulti ODD, I don’t even have an idea how capable the battery is going to be. But if you’re someone looking for a very powerful unit, this season is really bringing all sorts of surprises for you… that is IF you can find one still on stock.

There is also the new HP G4 with an A8 APU, another one up for consideration.

  1. December 16th, 2011

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