The revamped WordPress for Android… Tablet Optimized

Now I havent really checked to see if this is the same as how it would look like in the mobile (cellphone) version but this new interface seems to be very friendly and specifically oriented to higher resolution devices… about time it happened!


Apart from the very obvious change in the splash page of the app, there is also this easier style of creating a post which allows the addition of media in-line unlike the previous version which would just pile the photos up the top of the post and you would need to edit it afterwards when you get to an actual computer or through the browser of the tablet. This is a very welcome change and would really enable greater flexibility on using the mobile app to create comprehensive blog posts on.
I dont really know if this is a glitch but whenever i press the backspace key it deletes two characters instead of just one. Maybe the devs might want to look at it.

Im really happy with this update which I wouldnt have gotten if I havent gone into the Android Market which I really dont do all that often.
This makes wordpress for tablets highly capable indeed. Expect more works from my end due to this development starting with this one.

If you still havent got the update just head on over to the Android Market and search for WordPress.

    • rich
    • August 2nd, 2012

    well written. thanks for informative article.

      • Mark Obra
      • August 3rd, 2012

      thank you for dropping by! I’m sure a lot of bugs have been fixed but there are no major updates from this post for the wordpress app as of now

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