CES 2012 On The Horizon

Today marks the first year of Gadgetshelf. Indeed the last year may have seen the most gadget purchases Ive made since forever. That includes two computers (which almost became three) and a host of accessories most of which have been covered already here.

It is quite timely because the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas will once again take place in a matter of days and there had already been leaks around it such as Asus’ 7″ tablet and netbooks, Intel’s ultrabooks and tablet processing chip, Sony on its lonesome, Samsung with probably a host of new Galaxy additions and everything from hybrid mice to crazy HDTV dimensions. It will surely be an awesome new year as the trails are being scorched left, right, and center.

Join me for another wild (and ultimately expensive) ride as we look to a future filled with technological innovations. You can also look forward to an interesting new style as I have been introduced to penny-arcade through the Ocean Marketing fiasco (gaming related) and I believe something of a similar nature is pretty possible here.

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