Sony Vaio Z–VPCZ217gg in the flesh!

So I saw a few PSVita being sold at the top of G4 for around 19000 but that doesn’t hold a candle to what I encountered earlier today while on a meeting: the top of the Sony notebook food chain, the VAIO Z.


What’s important to note here is that this baby costs a whopping 170 thousand pesos. While it is not the thinnest in the Sony repertoire, it does fit the ultraportable category with its 256GB SSD, 2nd Gen i7-2620M processor, full HD 13.1” screen, and maxed out at 8GBs of RAM. It is certainly a looker with its sleek matte finish in pure black, subtle LED signals, and a beautiful square-ish profile that is pronounced when it is closed and showing off its VAIO namesake.

VaioZ (2)

If you notice the packaging/box it is quite weird with its longitudinal shape and if you would be carrying it someone might think you’re carrying a toner or something else.

VaioZ (4)

Like most ultrabooks, this one does not have an optical drive and lacks a few ports. Over on the left side there is only the VGA port, kensington lock, and a long vent; up front you see the indicator LEDs, Magic Gate and Card Slots, and over on the right there is the 3.5 audio port, a covered network port, an HDMI slot, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 plus the power line. Here’s a short hands-on with the device:

There’s really no audio so you can turn off the volume to be rid of the background noise XD

This unit is home to the up and coming Mind Museum in Taguig through the generosity of Sony. It will be used to monitor the dual channel, auto load balancing wireless network running through the 2.4 AND the 5Ghz frequencies. Bryant will be using this and another one of these as a back up just in case one suddenly goes awry. Extremely envious I am XD

Certainly one of the most prestigious notebooks at present and ranks among the most powerful. I wouldn’t mind using one of these but that price is just WAY beyond logical. Enjoy the utility Bryant, and thanks for the time with the ultrabook!

    • Ae
    • January 5th, 2012

    Me likey–it’s too architectural to resist!!!

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