Presentation 101 – Know Your Controls

As reported by Gizmodo here. In one of Intel’s CES presentation, the VLC controls went up making viewers think that the video presentation was actually misleading the crowd into thinking about gaming possibilities with the ultrabooks.


The presenter did go on to clarify that although what is being presented is just a video and he was just playing with the wheels there and that while that remained to be the fact, DirectX11 is in reality completely supported by the device. Its just a matter of delivery and smoothness of the experience once it is actual gaming that is being tested on the device.
Testing with a driving simulator, especially ones with “damage” physics, may require a capacity beyond what the ultrabooks can offer currently, or will drain the energy that much faster and then would be defeating the purpose of an ultrabook which is supposed to last 8 or more hours running the Windows environment.
Runthroughs are very important prior to presentations especially if you were not the person who had prepared the content and even more so if you are going to use somebody else’s hardware to run your stuff on. Sticky situations nowadays can easily cause a commotion.

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