Plants Vs Zombies Arcade

Hnaging out at the arcade (Quantum SM NE) was one of the most fondest memories of my teenage life. Buying out tokens in bulk to get a few more and thinking about which ones to use them on is almost ritualistic and a good topic during conversations in school. Its quite rare to see me hanging out at these establishments now as I percieve them as cash vorteces apart from being a waste of good time.

So a while ago while I was walking around the space between the two Megamall buildings, I chanced upon a very peculiar arcade machine:


You’re seeing it right, thats a full scale PvZ game with all types of zombies most of which have never seen the light of your computer screen can be found moving around waiting to be shot at by a group of pea shooters (players) or whichever type of ammunition the player chooses to shoot with, each priced differently and attacks just like the plants they represent.

The problem with their configuration right now is it isn’t quite as cost efficient as players would want. Currently, one token would give you 10 shooting credits, and judging from the few run throughs I saw earlier, this is nowhere near enough to enjoy the game; you’d be hard pressed to kill two to three normal zombies with that much ammunition.

It’s quite an experience but a very costly one and hardly gratifying. Should they bump the credits up to 50 per token then we might be seeing a few more people hammering away at the buttons.

This arcade machine is located at the basement area of the SM Megamall inside Worlds of Fun.

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