During the first 10 minutes of the film would be some of the most graphic and suggestive scenes of nudity presented on the silver screen. If and when this movie makes it to our shores, I’d doubt these scenes would be present on it. These initial scenes however provide a baseline to a story of a man who seems to be trying to escape something or someone so to crop it out might not be the best idea but let’s leave that decision to the censorship board shall we.

The male protagonist is presented to be of an extremely perverse nature but subtle in his methods and quite accomplished. His sister gets introduced eventually and it begins a series of events that can only be construed as possibly incestuous but will eventually turn around and hit you for thinking it is so. The plot then begins to eerily simplify by the concurrent events which suggest that the addiction is eventually going to lead to something reminiscent of the movie title.

Progression is very slow and if you’re not a fan of a lot of talk happening during the course of the film then this movie isn’t for you. I’m not really expecting this film to launch in local cinemas but if it does well then the length of the movie would be considerably lessened due to the amount of skin that was shown.

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