Oakley Checkpoint Vertical Computer Bag


I chanced upon this bag while strolling around waiting for Yori in an Olympic Village branch. Oakley is very well known for its line of performance sunglasses, bags on the other hand aren’t really new for this company and their full lineup is proof of that.

It’s a size you wouldn’t generally see on a vertically oriented messenger bag. It has the capacity to hold a 13-inch wide laptop computer and has an array of internal and external pockets, even one for a water bottle. The bag allows completely opening the main compartment exposing the computer in its elevated pocket and the internal pockets on the opposite side of the cover. It is called ”Checkpoint” because its primary purpose is a quick transition through airport/security checks through the simple operation of its main compartment where the laptop is housed.

Having seen and held the bag and compared it to my Mandarin, I’m itching to try it out with my dv3 along with its power supply and some essential accessories. It is selling for 2,600 there and that’s already with a 10% discount from its original 3k tag. It is quite an interesting find and I might just swing by to take this home specifically for my dv3 since the TF101 is adequately housed in the Mandarin. Eyes on for other branches or distributors which carry the bag, a highly potential addition to my own and/or your own set of carriage solutions..

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