VLC 2.0–Updated Media Powerhouse

VideoLAN’s VLC player – probably THE only media player you will want to keep in your arsenal has upgraded to version 2. The windows installer is 20MB+ and can be found here.


Among the many new enhancements was a multi core utilization and to test I tried a 60fps collage file that was previously unplayable on most of my other players (some would play them with lag).


The video ran in perfect sync with audio and although some frames are dropped to do so, it was a very nice experience to finally see the whole thing properly. You can see the task manager on the screenshot fully utilizing all of the threads for optimum playback.

Probably the only drawback to this full utilization is that it will have a palpable effect during multitasking with video.

So in this era of computing where content consumption is practically a daily affair, no need to look around. Hit the source link and download it now. Mac users especially since the interface has been fine tuned to your native Mac OS style (almost like a finder window).

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