X-Mini Kai – Portable Bluetooth Speakers

I’m not sure if Kai means a rebirth of some sort because Dragon Ball Z used it for their remastered series and now I see it being used by XMini to herald a new era of sound technology (at least for portable speaker-kind).


X-Mini Kai can easily be differentiated from its siblings due to the pure blue font that is emblazoned on its signature transparent packaging. It seems a little taller (visually) than the other X-Mini speakers and that is probably due in part to the inclusion of a bluetooth receiver.

This unit retails for nearly 4kPhp , a price which really isn’t all that convincing especially if its just going to be dishing out mono even if you pair it (through the cord) with another X-Mini Kai (according to the sales person for now… we all know how accurate that can be).

While the idea is a novel one, removing wires and everything, the main problem here lies in the drain that this will inflict on both the device connected to it and to itself. It is known that active use of bluetooth can have a significant effect on battery life especially that of the device sending out the audio stream. I definitely wouldn’t mind giving one a try though, with the hopes of unbroken and properly synced source and output especially with video… 720p videos and 5.1 sounds at least.

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