Ainol Tablets and its shining Aurora

Ever since I saw a Novo 7 Advanced last weekend at Virramall, I’ve been intrigued about this chinese manufacturer (Ainol) and true enough, research yields pretty interesting results! Here I am to share it with you especially if you are looking for a 7 inch tablet to take home because this one is clearly the most affordable and arguably among the most powerful of the current lot.

Here is a quick summary of the versions of the 7-inch variant from the manufacturer in ascending order to the most recent iteration:


The most important one to keep an eye out for is the Aurora. Even if most of these are still out and about in the market, it is only with the Aurora that the user experience will not feel as if it was taking home an outdated model. Here are the specifications of the Aurora, simple yet that really is all there is to it:

  • ManyCore A10 1.2Ghz Processor, Mali 400 GPU, Android 4 ICS
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM
  • 7” Capacitive IPS Display, 1024×600 resolution
  • 2MP Front facing Camera
  • WiFi, USB, mini HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack
  • 8/16/32 GB internal configurations (although apparently what is shipping out is only the 16Gb versions.
  • Approx 6hrs Battery Life

All this for 170USD which amounts to a staggering 7.3k Php only if you were buying from the source. Market prices are somewhat higher at around 9k for the Aurora at which point, if you are willing to sacrifice the IPS panel and the glossy plastic backing with rounded edges then you can opt for the Elf which is almost a twin minus the display.

If you need a little convincing you can check out some youtube videos from users: Novo7review and MrTasselhof. Have fun hunting!

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