Asus Transformer TF101 on ICS

The US / WW release of the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) has been release today (updated mine around like 2am and then slept). There are considerable improvements to user interface, speed, and a host of other goodies that came along with this release and as with any migration to a new OS version, there is a little ‘getting to know’ time involved, not that much but still.


Here’s a list of the improvements I liked about this new Android version (4)

  • System font has been changed allowing the screen to display more within a lesser space.
  • Several integrated Google apps had optimizations done on them, mail for one, that gives off a more business-y look. The calendar has also been updated to be more like a desk calendar and allows you to view only agendas in a chronological order getting rid of the dates in between them.
  • General snappiness of home screen and app/widget drawer has been improved giving off a faster and more efficient feel.
  • There is also a customization, if a BT mouse is connected, that transforms the right click to context menu which should make for a better experience when using a mouse with the docked device in pseudo notebook mode.

There are some problems however, but it shouldn’t be anything that another update should fix:

  • Some of the bluetooth connectivity apps now has conflict with ports being used by the device which doesn’t allow them to function normally.
  • Firefox mobile which I use very often has now taken on a roman font which really isnt fit for most of the websites and makes them look odd.
  • The lockscreen display has changed and is now not utilizing the tablet space as well as it was when it was on Honeycomb (HC).

Clearly most of my woes lie on the application development side of things, superficial at best, and is completely trumped by the improved interface and optimization that is ICS. And while there is a purported ICS port for my phone as well, with the risk of messing up a perfectly good Gingerbread (GB) system, I would much rather prefer it to stay. I’m sure most of the TF101 owners have now updated to ICS, if you do happen to pass by, please share your experience as well.

    • Dave Jackson
    • March 3rd, 2012

    The ICS update on the Transformer has been less than optimal! – to say the least.

    Ever since the upgrade the TF101 has been freezing up and reboots on its own at other times. When it does turn on properly the ‘unlock’ function doesn’t work as it should.

    Some bug fixes are needed from Asus asap – otherwise they risk their reputation….

      • Mark Obra
      • March 4th, 2012

      It is true that there are a lot of issues with the current build as I am personally experiencing, some of the developers think that it is due to the unchanged kernel. Lets all just hope for a speedy update from Asus to rid us of the numerous anomalies especially the random reboots.

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