Intuos 5 – At long last!


Years after the release of their Intuos 4, graphic tablet manufacturer and leader Wacom has finally announced and presented the Intuos 5 a pen and touch panel for professionals. I’m looking to hook myself up with one of these in the very near future.

At a glance you could mistake it for the Intuos 4 as it has the same button layout but with a different, matte, finish. I’d think all of the functionality is similar with the exception of tracking fingers as well as the pen that comes with it. Now therein lies a problem because as some users of the Bamboo have experienced, when the pen goes beyond the detection height, the cursor suddenly shifts in recognition of a palm/finger or whatever is left on the active panel… calibration should be better with this professional line but I wont know till I’ve used/demoed one.

The medium is set at a 330 UK Pound price which is around 22.5k in Philippine currency, in line with the Intuos 4 pricing and knowing these guys, the prices don’t change much through years and it might be ages until a new Intuos iteration is released again. I’m eagerly waiting for this to arrive here.

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