An Untimely Occurrence

Meet my Pavilion-dv3.


It has been with me for 339 days to date and just this morning, after another all nighter, it can no longer boot into Windows. Now I’d gladly operate on it myself, but since it is under warranty, I would very much like it to be refreshed with a new and hopefully not refurbished HDD.

The problem is the hard drive. I have caught wind of an irregularity early on such as when playing games or watching movies where an intermittent and highly audible buzz and half a second freeze will occur; Even if you monitor the processor performance, you wouldn’t see it spike up whenever the freeze happened. I brought it to the attention of the shop but since I couldn’t replicate the occurrence then, they didn’t pay me any mind.



Lately I’ve been able to find out that what was happening was a DPC Latency Spike which is a bane to all audiophiles because it produces pops or delays during playback or recording and so I went through numerous forums and posts regarding the matter and tried virtually everything that has been offered. There was a singular difference in my case however and that is the latency spike which is recorded went way off the scales, something that is not apparent in other cases which had a continuously occurring spike at about mid range of the scale. It is the only cause I could think of that might have triggered the drive error.

This is, by any measure, a far cry from the HP dvX000 series debacle with the overheating Nvidia GPUs, it is more likely that a lemon got into the production line and I have the unfortunate luck of taking it home.

Now all that’s left to do is to bring it to the service center to have the drive replaced. That means goodbye to the approximately 375 Gbs of data that lie within the drive, mostly media of numerous types. I highly doubt they can do anything to revive the drive without somehow affecting the data. It will be quite an experience trying to live off of Android alone for the duration of the repair/diagnostic… I had half the mind to take home an Asus X101ch just for the heck of it but I’m completely dissuaded by the resolution.


For now the board, the processors, memory, and screen get to enjoy a little vacation. Hopefully not a very long one though haha.

  1. You might say it might have been a separate occurrence that HP products are failing, but to know more and more people experiencing a breakdown of some sort, I am beginning to think that HP laptops are designed to fail you at some point in its shelf life. Believe me, the price and the specifications can be tempting, but I have learned my lesson and I would probably stick to just buying their printers.

      • Mark Obra
      • March 29th, 2012

      HP will be happy to know that you’re still using their products XD Ive been to the service center and they tipped me about a certain TM2 that has been released here in the country. Its sort of a successor to the TX line you shun haha.

    • Katsy
    • March 29th, 2012

    choose ASUS. XD

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