WD My Passport 2TB Hands On

I have been privileged enough to get my hands on the newest portable hard drive being offered by Western Digital in the country.


This version of the My Passport series takes cue from one of their earlier models in the form of the My Passport Studio but with the addition of reflective surface dots which add to the already premium style of the former:



The packaging is very bold now and a little more compact as well. You’re bound to encounter a little bit of resistance when taking out the device from the packaging as you’ll notice in the unboxing.



Sleek and compact, as is stated in the photo above, really best describes the unit especially one which carries a capacity to hold data up to 2TB which has an effective storage space of a little over 1.8TB, here is a visual representation of how much that is, here’s a photo:


That’s right, all the data in those four drives in the left can fit into the 2TB My Passport. This model is preformatted to work on a Windows machine but that doesn’t mean it wont work on Macs; Software for better utilization of the drive can be found within the device:


I had tried installing them and the applications enable backing up, drive tests, wipes, file security, practically anything you’d think of doing with such a high capacity has been covered. During operation, a single LED indicator can be found near the USB slot, blinking during read and write sessions.


It definitely has the smallest footprint among all of the drives I have and that makes it very easy to bring around. You literally won’t / shouldn’t run out of drive space when you have this in your bag, very favorable for these times when Ultrabooks come with SSDs hardly sufficient for program files and the operating system alone. At close to 11,100 pesos SRP its just like buying two Teradrives for the weight and heft of a single drive; someone’s bound to pick some up and that someone might just be you. I’ll leave you with the unboxing video below:

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