Ragnarok Online – Ep.25 Port Malaya

Well this is certainly surprising! Ragnarok Online apparently has come up with an expansion which is inspired by the Philippines and its folklore.

The town even features its very own Luneta shrine!

In an attempt to revitalize the country’s following of the longest running MMORPG in the Philippines, developers have created this localized map and apparently has been running in Sakray server ever since late February but is now going to the official commercial servers.

Here is a screenshot of the map during beta taken by one of the GMs:

Monsters in this realm are also taken from Philippine myth and even the iconic porings in this area are called “jejelings”. Here are some of them:

This certainly sparks interest and I should know because I’ve been a player since the second server was released. It might just be the push needed to rally the remaining hardcore players into the realm of Midgard once again. My account is so ancient though that it probably will no longer work else I’ve forgotten the passwords for them, but it certainly would be fun to look around the town and check out the related maps.

If I do happen to go around, I’ll be sure to catch some more interesting sights with the developers version of our country.

Images taken from pRO/eGames Facebook accounts and one from tumblr. News from the yahoo grapevine.

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