3rd Gen i7 March Continues

Dateline – May 27, 2012

It seems that the reign of the Aspire V3 as king of the hill was not meant to last. I found out in today’s launch event that it is Intel’s initiative to let manufacturers release their i7 platforms first so that the market will not be surprised when the new i3s and i5s come out.
And so we have new machines from these two major manufacturers one of which comes out with a surprisingly affordable tag. We’ll do this alphabetically to get rid of any biases.
First up we have the K55 which retails at only 39,999 if cash and around 43k otherwise, and for a notebook with this much power, the price is certainly a bargain… not even, its a steal!

X10_0055Next we have the HP dv6 refresh which has an updated design but this one maintains their original price point which is slightly above the 60k range taking over the price of its predecessor.

X10_0054This improves the selection for potential buyers and its only a matter of which brand and design they would prefer over one another but if price would be the basis we have a clear winner here in the form of the K55. It would be another story I’d expect when local manufacturer Neo releases their 3rd Gen i7, lets hope under Elan once again.

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