Fujifilm X10 – Made in Japan indeed!

It was just this weekend that I was in Pico de Loro thru the graces of my Aunt and I spent a lot of time there getting to know my tripod as well as some quality time with my Lumix. When office resumed Monday I found out that Gary and Ae bought a Fujifilm X10 camera!


This compact wonder is truly beautiful to behold. From the front with the lens closed, its all black with a classic leather body coat. Here at the front all of the zoom controls and focusing options can be found.


At the back is the LCD screen, a viewfinder, a navigation click wheel, more controls on both sides, dedicated ones, a control knob for when you’re in shooting position, and a very prominent Made in Japan label right next to the LED indicator.


Up top we find the name (finally), popup flash, hotshoe, mode dial, exposure dial, function button, and of course the shutter button.


I got to play with it a little bit and getting used to its dedicated control positioning does require a bit of patience. It has very wide aperture limits for both wide and tele at 2.0 and 2.8 considering its 4x optical zoom of 28-112mm, that should result in very nice bokeh effects across the entire lens spectrum; also worth mentioning is an incredibly high ISO settings which could possibly be set over 12800.


The sensor on this powerhouse is 2/3rds of a full frame, considerably bigger than the micro 4/3 which is on my GF3. They bagged this at Henry’s for 23,500Php, certainly not bad for a very powerful and versatile compact with a bevy of manual controls. Here it is beside my very own, its a little bit longer but still very compact.


I’ll probably be witness to some spectacular shots when they come back from their month long Bangkok exodus. Clearly a camera worth considering especially when staying away from full frame DSLRs. Here’s Gary with his new weapon:


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