Asus Transformer TF101G Encounter

During one of our monthly meetings for our UAP chapter, I had a chance to encounter a TF101G – it is the first Asus tablet with 3G and it is not officially available in the Philippines.


The appearance is fundamentally without difference from its WiFi only bretheren leave for the SIM cartridge on the left side and what seems to be indicative of where the antenna for the GSM radio is at the top side.


It doesn’t follow the upgrade path that my own TF101 had however; When the device was brought to me it was as if it came straight out of the box and had to undergo about 3 Honeycomb updates before finally getting an ICS firmware. I had upgraded it up to the point where there is no longer any update available for the device.


This is me taking down notes while updating the other device. It was a really nice chance encounter and made me realize that a device will only be as useful as the owner wants it to be… might be I’ll have to write about that in the future as well.

    • Eason
    • July 16th, 2012

    Ahahaha nice encounter, who owns it?

      • Mark Obra
      • July 17th, 2012

      President ng chapter namin. DI ko na matandaan kung pano nya naacquire haha

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