Canon EOS M–Mirrorless

That’s right… a recently announced compact system camera from the manufacturing giant has been making the rounds in the web and here you can also get a glimpse of it and maybe some more.


With an 18MP APS-C sensor and capable of using older EF/ES lenses with an adapter I’m almost positive long time Canon users would clear out store shelves faster than they can be stacked. This aligns itself with Sony and Nikon’s own compact system offerings with a slightly bigger body than the micro-four thirds. There is no pop out flash with this but it comes with its very own flash in the box. It is also going to be sold as a dual lens kit with an 18-55 and 20mm pancake lens to get you started… So what’s wrong with this picture? The lack of an integrated flash would require the user to be carrying an external one if ever it is needed and some of the commenters are adamant about that; however I’d think that one who’d purchase this might already have a canon system in place and will just be using this to supplement his/her arsenal, leave for the curious few who’d buy this just for the heck of it.

The APS-C sensor have great contenders and they are more than happy to have another body join their ranks. So if you’re a Canon toting snapper, get ready to shell out some dough for what might become your all-rounder weapon of choice.

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